Balayage & Bespoke Colour

Includes: colour melting/toning and bond builders


Want a bold pop of colour with a soft finish?

This will be the happy medium that will make you feel bright and bolder, but not too much. 

with Cut & blow-dry - from £135

 with blow-dry - from £125


Whether you're looking to have a sun-kissed look or bright and bold but with a lived-in feel, this is the package for you. 

Giving you the same look as a Balayage but instead of painting on colour by hand.

With foilayage, the colour is still painted on but each section is then wrapped in foils. 

with Cut & blow-dry - from £140

with blow-dry - from £130

Mega Foils with Tip outs for Ultimate Blonding

This is for the brightest of blondes, 

no hair is left untouched and you will feel completely transformed.

with Cut & blow-dry - from £150

with blow-dry - from £140

Reverse Balayage

For when you want to enhance your natural

colour and/or add subtle dimension

with Cut & blow-dry - £115

 with blow-dry - £105

Speed Balayage

Is a top-up service to enhance your

natural colour or add subtle dimension,

this freehand paint is what you need.

with Cut & blow-dry - from £90

with blow-dry - from £80

Creative Colour Melt

Bespoke freehand full head of colour

with Cut & blow-dry - £90

 with blow-dry - £80

Root smudge with face frame

with Cut & blow-dry - from £95

with blow-dry - from £80

Colour Correction includes Cut & blow-dry

 5 hours - from £200


Malibu C CPR - from £30

Highlighting Packages

(Includes: colour melting/toning and bond builders)

Mega Foils

Why choose to have Mega Foils...

The differences between a full head of foils and mega foils.

My full head of foils is based on a normal regrowth, up to 12 weeks. Anything over 12 weeks, will be

a mega foil. This is due to the extra amount of product needed, to get rid of those roots. Mega foils is

also a service if you want to be mega blonde. This of course depends on your starting point. This doesn't mean

you will go from brunette to platinum blonde in one sitting.

with Cut & blow-dry - from £130

with blow-dry - from £115

Full head

Sometimes you can't beat a classic, from full blondes to

multidimensional reds and everything in-between. Must have been no longer than 12 weeks

since the last appointment. If you have you will need to have a mega foil.

with Cut & blow-dry - from £125

with blow-dry - from £110

Half head

Top-up your highlights without spending ages in the salon,

this gives you a bright fresh look by focusing on the top sections while

scattering them throughout the underneath including the hairline.

with Cut & blow-dry - from £115

with blow-dry - from £100


Maintain your highlights between appointments with a quick

parting section, this gives you the appearance of fresh new highlights without all the fuss.

with Cut & blow-dry - from £108

with blow-dry - from £93

Classic Foils

(No other services included in the prices below)

Mega Foils - from £65

Full head - from £60

Half head - from £50

Parting - from £43

Root Shadow added to foils - from £15

Colour in between foils - from £20

Up to 20 foils - £30

Bond builder - £15

Traditional Colour

(No other services included in prices below unless stated)

Full head colour - from £55

Regrowth - from £30

Refresh & blow-dry - from £43

Toner - from £20

Colour Melt Toner - from £30


Cut & blow-dry - from £35

Restyle - from £45

Wet cut - from £27

Dry cut - from £20

Blow-dry - from £20

Olaplex stand-alone treatment

with Cut & blow-dry - from £55

with blow-dry - from £45

Hair Extensions Fitting

Hair price on consultation only

Fitting & Removal

£50 an hour 

Special Occasions

Hair ups - £30

Weddings -  start from £200